re-entry thoughts

  1. Wow, those streets are straight. No wonder I always get lost in Galway.
  2. Snow.
  3. That must be a one way street. Oops, no, wrong side.
  4. Americans are loud.
  5. And friendly. Yay, customer service again!
  6. Hello, diversity.
  7. Southern accents? Yes, please.
  8. Jalepenos didn’t used to be this hot.
  9. The outlets are so small and convenient!
  10. Seriously. Security again. How many people need to see my snowflake socks?
  11. Americans are much more business like than I remembered.
  12. Baggage claims are just the grown-up version of pooh sticks.
  13. I have been awake for 20 hours and still have at least 8 more before I get home.
  14. How many times can you yawn in a security q?
  15. Did I use a glottal or an aspirated “h”?
  16. I don’t know anymore. I don’t know anything. I’m so tired.
  17. American money is tiny. How is this worth anything?
  18. Why am I getting bills in change? And what is this receipt for?
  19. McDonald’s smells different here.
  20. Lettuce smells different here. I didn’t even know lettuce smelled.
  21. I can text Hannah again.
  22. I miss people explaining when I’m doing something wrong instead of just blinking at me in my stupidity. Thank you, airport lady.
  23. Oh, right. I can’t sit in the bar anymore. But look at all those empty seats!
  24. Why is it bright at 5pm?
  25. Hey! No one thinks I talk funny! Oh, wait, I just said “cheers”. Never mind. Everyone in the ENTIRE WORLD thinks I talk funny.
  26. I’m excited for hugs.
  27. Hug me, stranger! You’re from Texas so you won’t mind.
  28. Should I be early to my gate? Ah, no, it’ll be grand.
  29. Wait, this is America. Late is dead!
  30. Why is there no tea?

2 thoughts on “re-entry thoughts

  1. Bridget!!! Praying for your safe arrival!! And hang in there! Can’t wait to personally give you all the hugs that have accumulated since you have left ^_^


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