This is a blog about my study abroad experience at University of Limerick and the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance in Limerick City, Ireland. I will be spending four and a half months traveling, studying, and growing. This blog will capture my mistakes and thrills to share with my friends back home and to fulfill a requirement for my minor in University Honors at Wichita State University.


I am a Junior at Wichita State University studying music education, linguistics, ethnomusicology, and anthropology. I strive to learn in unusual ways which has led me to serve as an Undergraduate Fellow for the Dorothy and Bill Cohen Honors College. At school, I perform in operas and with WSU choirs, serve on the Honors College Student Council, and grade papers for fun. Irish trad music has ransacked my life and left me dragging my harp from festivals to workshops and back. I’m always telling stories either through song, coffee dates, or my blog.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi there. I’m Jimmie. I met your friend Nancy Sauer today at church. Anyways long story short she came up to me after she found out my Uncle and Aunt are missionaries in Ireland. They actually are in Limerick too.
    Their names are Randal and Kendra Baird
    Here is their blog. http://thebairdjourney.blogspot.com/?m=1
    They will be flying over here to the USA on the 10th and will be coming back to Ireland the 14th.
    Nancy said you didn’t know really any Christians. So it would be something good…..at least Nancy and I think that. Lol. Anyways hope you are having a good time their in Ireland and hope to hear from you soon.
    -Jimmie Baird


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