two weeks out

13 days. 16 hours. 02 minutes. 17 seconds. The countdown is agonizingly slow.

photo from rebeccabelliston
photo from rebeccabelliston

The question “How is it going?” can derail my brain for several hours. So much is going.

I’ve researched rain coats, weekend trips, Irish language opportunities, and harp lessons. I’ve scoured countless study abroad blogs for the failsafe tip to ensure an immaculate semester (there isn’t one). I’ve freaked out, regretted my decision, and not been able to stop smiling. I’ve missed all my friends and the developments in the Honors College. There are some costs to leaving the country for five months that they don’t tell you about.

I have my class schedule now, though there are a few things that need to change. I’m still not sure which dorm I’m living in, but I know I’ll be on campus.

Right now, I am most grateful to my study abroad provider, World Endeavors. My advisor has been invaluable in navigating the different education system. Different credit hours, different schedules, and two weeks of finals would have been much more confusing without her!

For those of you approaching your own study abroad departure, here are the tasks I have completed.

  1. All paperwork for Wichita State (my home university) has been filled out and returned to the study abroad office.
  2. All my pre-departure paperwork has been filled out and returned to World Endeavors (my program provider).
  3. My flight documents, acceptance letter, financial statement, and insurance cards are in a folder.
  4. My bank and credit card company have been informed of my travel plans.
  5. I’ve ordered some euros from my bank.
  6. My parents and my advisors have my flight itinerary.
  7. I’ve purchased a converter for my electricity needing devises.
  8. My cold weather clothes are generally gathered.
  9. I’ve read approximately 297.63 books on Ireland.

Besides several hundred last minute things that I’ve forgotten, all that’s left is to spend time with friends and family, pack, and get on the plane!